Sunyaragi cave

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Sunyaragi cave is a cave located in the village Sunyaragi, Kesambi, Cirebon city where there is a temple-like building called the Cave Sunyaragi, or Sunyaragi Water Park, or often referred to as the Castle Sunyaragi. The name "Sunyaragi" comes from the word "sunya" which means it is quiet and "leaven" which means the body, are both Sanskrit. The main purpose of establishment of the cave is a place of rest and meditation Cirebon the Sultan and his family.
Sunyaragi cave is located on the side of the road by pass Brigjen Dharsono, Cirebon. Construction and composition of the building site is a water park. In ancient times the cave complex is surrounded by a lake that is Lake Jati. Location where there used to Jati Lake is now dry and passable road by pass Brigjen Dharsono, Situngkul river, the location of Power Plant Gas, Sunyaragi owned National Electricity Company, rice paddies and into human settlements. Also in the cave there are many man-made waterfall as an ornamental, and garden ornaments such as elephant, a statue of the Virgin Sunti women, and the Statue of Garuda. Sunyaragi cave is one part of the palace Pakungwati and now named palace Kasepuhan.
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