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Jonggring Saloko Beach
Saloko Jonggring beach is +-11 km from the village of Gondangtowo South of the village of donomulyo.  This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malang, a beach with natural scenery, cool and very quiet.
The road to this beach is also quite difficult and rocky, and in every street there are trees left and right, so that visitors to the beach today Jonggreng Saloko rare. Actually Saloko Jonggreng beautiful beaches and attractive as a place of recreation, that there are several locations, one of which is BROOS, namely the menhamtam water waves and rocks can cause noise and sea water BROOS can radiate from the stones above the height of 10 meters from the sea.
In the wayang stories, Jonggring saloko is the name of heaven. God Narada stay. Described, if the fresh air of charming scenery, clean, safe and comfortable.

Coban Pelangi waterfall
Coban Pelangi waterfall beautiful waterfall, located about 32 km east of Malang. Is natural water, cold and clean that creates the impression of the world. This waterfall can be reached on the way to mount Bromo in Malang city. Coban Rainbow waterfall can be reached from the city of Malang, East Java, about 2 hours journey by minibus trip to Tumpang village.
From the Tumpang village the journey can continue with a trip in truck of vegetables to the village or Ngadas Ranupane. You can also rent a hardtop toyota that many in the terminal Toempang Mankal. Approximately 40 minutes from journey to the hills and plantations of apples and when he entered the forest. On each trip will be submitted with trees and beautiful landscapes there are gaps in the right or the left side of the road, they came to the door main of the cascade of Cobán Rainbow, directly you can walk down the trail to the waterfall of about 3 km. trip a bit of fun, because the way upwards and downwards, when he came to a place of rest postThere is a hill with a beautiful landscape.
Coban Pelangi waterfall flows from the rock, which has a height of 30 m from the waterfall, you can enjoy the charms of holding the mate on the field. One cottage protection is also provided in front of the waterfall. If the weather is good, happy visitors can see " Rainbow ", which bends at the tops of the cliffs. Typically, Rainbow appeared on the hour from 10 am to 2 pm. Natural phenomena which arise from the grain is in the wind, like buliran-buliran the fog. If you still are not satisfied with the look of the field zone, plunging into the stream may be attractive options. A waterfall flows species cause water as the drizzly rain.

Coban Rondo waterfall
Coban Rondo waterfall is a beautiful waterfall on the slopes of Mount Panderman is about 32 km to the west from Malang, it is very interesting to see and visit. The waterfall is located in the village of Pandesari, Pujon (about 32 miles west of Malang). Cool fresh air, panoramic landscapes breathtaking, natural waterfalls, birds, lush trees, the various forms of endangered species of wild fauna and flora colors, feeling of thick natural fog, torrential rapids of the River, a beautiful Sunrise, and a host of natural attractions can be enjoyed here.
The facilities at the Coban Rondo, among others: camping, jogging track area, fishing or playing with elephants in the elephant Lampung school ' Waykambas - Sumatra.
Visit Coban Rondo waterfall tourism and enjoy the natural scenery with fresh air.

Ngliyep beach
Ngliyep beach is a beautiful rocks beach is located in the southern region of Malang Regency, there are some big waves and see ngliyep coast coral reefs. Ngliyep Beach also has a Green Island with forests. Ngliyep coastal charm provide more for Beach tourism. Ngliyep Beach also boasts several facilities, such as food stalls, shops for souvenirs, hotels, etc.
Every year a traditional ceremony of Labuhan Mulud (sacrifices) were held in Côte Ngliyep. Labuhan Mulud is a traditional ceremony which is always held on the beach ngliyep in Malang Regency. This beach is located in the village Kedungsalam Ngliyep, Donomulyo district, about 62 km road to the south of Malang. Visit Ngliyep beach and enjoy the beautiful waves. Visitors can swim, bask in the sun, or the fishing here.

Blue Spring

Blue Spring is a beach resort in the southern part of Malang Regency, East Java. Blue Spring about 70 miles south of the village Sumbermanjing Wetan Tambakrejo Malang, Malang Regency. Free of tumulous waves due to the presence in the Indian Ocean Island Sempu, about 300 yards from shore.
On the other side of the beach is now used as a debarkation Port of Fisheries and Fish PPI Centre where fishermen drag them to where they are under the authority of the Department of Fisheries and Managed by the KUD (Koperasi Unit Desa), "Mina Jaya Pondok dadap".
Officially, the beach is managed by State property Blue Spring enterprises Forestay, which has provided so far the beach, hotels, houses guests, stores, booths of surveillance, ships, etc.
Visit beautiful Blue Spring beaches and enjoy the waves with white sand, which is distributed along the coast.
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