Floating Market Estuary Kuin

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Floating Market Estuary Kuin
Floating Market Kuin Estuary  is a traditional floating market on the river  at the mouth of the river  Barito Kuin,  Banjarmasin, South  Kalimantan. Activities of  merchants and buyers to use Jukung, perahu or boat title in Banjar. This market began at dawn or after  prayers at 5 am until after seven o'clock. At sunrise the market begins to reflect light in the  transaction of vegetables  and garden produce from the villages along the Barito river and creeks  are nearby.
Boating women traders who sell their products themselves or a neighbor called Dukuh, while the second hand purchase for resale of the Dukuh called panyambangan. The specialty of this market is still common among the traders barter transactions boating, which is in a Banjar language called bapanduk.

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