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Lumajang is a wide range of attractions with a spectacular and pristine landscape. The beauty of the mountains, beaches, lakes and other places of interest can be found in Lumajang. Ranu Bedali contained in the basin, as if ranu located in a large bowl. RANU Bedali, located in the District of Ranuyoso, Lumajang.
This tourist attraction has a height of 700 m above the sea level with an area of 25 hectares and the depth of the Lake 28 m. The Ranu interesting here is where the water level is well below the soil surface. In order to achieve the necessary land in the Lake that good health is a challenge for those who are young at heart. However, panoramic views of the Lake from the top is very exciting.

Cave drops is the tourist cave only in Lumajang, Java East. The cave, which has a large number of stalactites and stalagmites with a wide range of colors is believed that people around can make the eternal when exposed to water cave splashes.
Goa is situated in the village of Capel Sidomulyo, Pronojiwo district, 55 kilometres south of the town of Lumajang. To get to this site, you can use a motorcycle or car.
Although the water flowed continuously, climb the walls of the caves are not uniform in all. It is not surprising if some visitors to come to climb the cliff to reach the cave.
Constantly the water that drips from the top of the cave which makes this place called Cave of the drops.
There are also cave syrup myth. Communities around the belief that the water in the cave can be age. In addition, the cave is believed to be a couple for marriage. Even some visitors felt that the cave may be reunited crack the inner pairs.
Based on the story develops, you Tetes cave discovered in 1969 by a logger. Only in 1975, this cave began to visit the residents.

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Pasuruan east-Java

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Nature Bath Biru
Nature bath Biru is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Pasuruan, blue bath natural attractions there are 4 pool and playground. And, 4 swimming pools are 2 of them are original, swimming pool with water from the source, pure white water a little bluish, bluish color because the plasticity of water sources in nature coexists with blue bath the southern town of Pasuruan, about 30 minutes drive from the town of Pasuruan.

Purwodadi Botanical Garden is one of the resorts in Pasuruan regency, purwodadi botanical garden was established on January 30, 1941, the beginning of the botanical garden where he serves as research purwodadi plantation crops in Indonesia.

In this botanical garden there are thousands of collections of plants, which are divided into several types, including:

1. Collection of orchids, for the category of this orchid is placed in the greenhouse is also abroad, which lies to the West of the Park. There are hundreds of species of orchids here. For the lovers of orchids can be seen his collection here.
2. Collection of bamboo, this bamboo kategory purwodadi Botanic Garden has 30 varieties of bamboo, some of which were taken from the island of Java, Sulawesi, Maluku, and from abroad, such as Thailand, China and Myanmar. for bamboo is located to the South of the Botanical Garden.
3. Palm collection, for this category is located among Palm Botanical Garden, this Palm is one of the plant, which was hundreds of years.
4. Collection of nails, nail it to the category of plants of the Botanical Garden has 60 species nails purwodadi. The plant is located in the East of spikes by botanical garden is located near the rivers and waterfalls that are located there.
5. Beans collection for category pods are legumes purwodadi Botanic Garden has 157 types of legumes-legumes, which consists of 70 genera. For this category are in the North of the Botanical Garden.
6.Collection of drugs for this category in the eastern part of botanical garden. Medicinal plants, do not know the clear details, which should have a lot of noni fruit / Purwodadi rhythm in the botanical gardens.

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Lumajang East-Java

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Mount Semeru
Mount Semeru or Sumeru is the highest volcano in Java, with its peak Mahameru, 3676 meters above the sea level. The crater at the top of Mount Semeru known Jonggring Saloko. Semeru has been dipterocarp Hill dipterocarp forest Montano Alto and Ericaceae forest or mountain forests.
This mountain is located between the Administration and Lumajang Malang Regency, with its geographical position between 8 ° 06 \ ' S and 120 ° 55 \ ' BT. in 1913 and 1946 Crater Jonggring Saloka have a dome with a height of 3744.8 m before the end of November 1973. South edge of the crater caused the dome to break the lava flow leads to the South side of the zone of cover and Candipuro Pronojiwo, Lumajang.
Flora in the region of Mount Semeru different types, but is dominated by spruce, Acacia, pine, and type Jamuju. The vegetation is dominated by Kirinyuh, Donna Reed, tembelekan, harendong and white Edelwiss, Edelwiss, widely available on the slopes of the peaks of Semeru. And found a few endemic species of orchids, who live around South Semeru.
Many species of wildlife that inhabit mount Sumeru, among others: Tiger beetles, leaf monkey, Civet, deer, mouse, etc. While there Kumbolo Ranu survive wild grouse.

Attractions Bambang Beach on the coast is a tourist attraction with a fairly large waves reaching 3 meters, as a feature of the landscape of the South coast. Located in the locality Bago district Pasirian, Lumajang It has a mileage of about 24 km from the city of Lumajang is reachable in 2 wheel or four wheel drive vehicle with access by paved road, and believes that the community as a place bersemayamnya Nyi Roro Kidul.

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Yogyakarta2 Centre-Java

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Sepanjang Beach
Sepanjang Beach has a long coastline, white sand that is still awake, and the waves are. This beach can be used sunbathing on the sand enjoying the sun, slicing through the waves with a surfboard, or just see the beauty of the beach. Everything can be enjoyed once arrived at the beach a few kilometers from the beach Sundak.
Sepanjang Beach is one of the newly opened beach. The name "Sepanjang" is given because the characteristic of this beach which has the longest coastline among all the beaches in Gunung Kidul. The atmosphere of this beach is very natural. Palm-dotted shoreline vegetation and thatched huts of dried leaves. Tidal reefs in coastal areas is still preserved. Blows of the waves are reflected blue ocean water mark that has not been contaminated.
Sepanjang Beach also has historic sites, namely Banyusepuh. "Banyu" means water and "old" means to wash. As the name implies, a place that had a spring was used for washing or bathing. Users are supposedly the guardians who usually wash their inheritance. This site will not be known to exist when not asked to locals. This site only puddles dry overgrown.

Ngobaran Beach
Ngobaran Beach is an exotic beach. When the water receded, it could be seen spread of the algae (seaweed), both green and brown. When viewed from above, the spread of the algae growing on the sidelines of the reef looks like a rice field in a densely populated area. Dozens of marine animals are also present on the sidelines of coral, ranging from sea urchins, starfish, until the shellfish group. Location of high rugged beach is only about two kilometers from Ngrenehan beach.
At this beach, which is allocated, the charm of its culture, ranging from food products to the building of the local population. One of them is interesting is that the place of worship for four of religion or belief were standing close to each other. The most obvious buildings are places of worship such as temples with statues of gods white. Places of worship was established in 2003 to commemorate the presence of Brawijaya V, a descendant of the king of Majapahit, in Ngobaran. People who worship in this place Kejawan religion. The name \ "Kejawan \" according to the story comes from the name of one of Brawijaya V, namely Bondhan Kejawan. Builders place of worship was admitted as a descendant of Brawijaya V and appoint one citizen to keep this place.


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Yogyakarta Central-Java

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Parangtritis, is a tourist place of the Indian Ocean coastal beaches are located approximately 25 kilometers south of Yogyakarta city. Parangtritis is pretty famous sights in the city of Yogyakarta, in addition to other objects, such as Samas Beach, Krakal, Baron, Kukup Glagah beach.
This beach has a unique landscape, which is not found in other tourist attractions, in addition to the large waves also mountains-mountains of sand, which tinngi around the coast, mountains of sand dunes called. This attraction was operated by the local Government of Bantul very well, starting from the filing of institutions and markets selling souvenirs Parangtritis.
In addition are the baths called wedang machetes said that the water in the bathrooms can heal several diseases, including diseases of the skin, the water of these bathrooms contain sulfur that comes from the mountains of the area.

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Malang East-Java

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Jonggring Saloko Beach
Saloko Jonggring beach is +-11 km from the village of Gondangtowo South of the village of donomulyo.  This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malang, a beach with natural scenery, cool and very quiet.
The road to this beach is also quite difficult and rocky, and in every street there are trees left and right, so that visitors to the beach today Jonggreng Saloko rare. Actually Saloko Jonggreng beautiful beaches and attractive as a place of recreation, that there are several locations, one of which is BROOS, namely the menhamtam water waves and rocks can cause noise and sea water BROOS can radiate from the stones above the height of 10 meters from the sea.
In the wayang stories, Jonggring saloko is the name of heaven. God Narada stay. Described, if the fresh air of charming scenery, clean, safe and comfortable.

Coban Pelangi waterfall
Coban Pelangi waterfall beautiful waterfall, located about 32 km east of Malang. Is natural water, cold and clean that creates the impression of the world. This waterfall can be reached on the way to mount Bromo in Malang city. Coban Rainbow waterfall can be reached from the city of Malang, East Java, about 2 hours journey by minibus trip to Tumpang village.
From the Tumpang village the journey can continue with a trip in truck of vegetables to the village or Ngadas Ranupane. You can also rent a hardtop toyota that many in the terminal Toempang Mankal. Approximately 40 minutes from journey to the hills and plantations of apples and when he entered the forest. On each trip will be submitted with trees and beautiful landscapes there are gaps in the right or the left side of the road, they came to the door main of the cascade of Cobán Rainbow, directly you can walk down the trail to the waterfall of about 3 km. trip a bit of fun, because the way upwards and downwards, when he came to a place of rest postThere is a hill with a beautiful landscape.
Coban Pelangi waterfall flows from the rock, which has a height of 30 m from the waterfall, you can enjoy the charms of holding the mate on the field. One cottage protection is also provided in front of the waterfall. If the weather is good, happy visitors can see " Rainbow ", which bends at the tops of the cliffs. Typically, Rainbow appeared on the hour from 10 am to 2 pm. Natural phenomena which arise from the grain is in the wind, like buliran-buliran the fog. If you still are not satisfied with the look of the field zone, plunging into the stream may be attractive options. A waterfall flows species cause water as the drizzly rain.

Coban Rondo waterfall
Coban Rondo waterfall is a beautiful waterfall on the slopes of Mount Panderman is about 32 km to the west from Malang, it is very interesting to see and visit. The waterfall is located in the village of Pandesari, Pujon (about 32 miles west of Malang). Cool fresh air, panoramic landscapes breathtaking, natural waterfalls, birds, lush trees, the various forms of endangered species of wild fauna and flora colors, feeling of thick natural fog, torrential rapids of the River, a beautiful Sunrise, and a host of natural attractions can be enjoyed here.
The facilities at the Coban Rondo, among others: camping, jogging track area, fishing or playing with elephants in the elephant Lampung school ' Waykambas - Sumatra.
Visit Coban Rondo waterfall tourism and enjoy the natural scenery with fresh air.

Ngliyep beach
Ngliyep beach is a beautiful rocks beach is located in the southern region of Malang Regency, there are some big waves and see ngliyep coast coral reefs. Ngliyep Beach also has a Green Island with forests. Ngliyep coastal charm provide more for Beach tourism. Ngliyep Beach also boasts several facilities, such as food stalls, shops for souvenirs, hotels, etc.
Every year a traditional ceremony of Labuhan Mulud (sacrifices) were held in Côte Ngliyep. Labuhan Mulud is a traditional ceremony which is always held on the beach ngliyep in Malang Regency. This beach is located in the village Kedungsalam Ngliyep, Donomulyo district, about 62 km road to the south of Malang. Visit Ngliyep beach and enjoy the beautiful waves. Visitors can swim, bask in the sun, or the fishing here.

Blue Spring

Blue Spring is a beach resort in the southern part of Malang Regency, East Java. Blue Spring about 70 miles south of the village Sumbermanjing Wetan Tambakrejo Malang, Malang Regency. Free of tumulous waves due to the presence in the Indian Ocean Island Sempu, about 300 yards from shore.
On the other side of the beach is now used as a debarkation Port of Fisheries and Fish PPI Centre where fishermen drag them to where they are under the authority of the Department of Fisheries and Managed by the KUD (Koperasi Unit Desa), "Mina Jaya Pondok dadap".
Officially, the beach is managed by State property Blue Spring enterprises Forestay, which has provided so far the beach, hotels, houses guests, stores, booths of surveillance, ships, etc.
Visit beautiful Blue Spring beaches and enjoy the waves with white sand, which is distributed along the coast.

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Cirebon West-Java

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Banyu Heat Palimanan
Banyu Heat Palimanan scenery is located in the village of West Palimanan Palimanan district about 16 km from Cirebon to Bandung, a hot bath with a sulfur content can trust menyebuhkan various skin diseases.
This hot spring is around the hills of Mount Chalk Mountain Kromong who had the privilege of moving water is always moving. Investors are invited to develop this site to be used as spa tourism.
to get to the place of Banyu heat Palimanan very easy with the entrance area there are a factory of cement in Banyu heat signs Palimanan. the distance is approximately 500 meters from the entrance.
Palimanan Banyu truly unique heat from hot springs in the mountains if Banyu Palimanan hot in the lowlands. bursts of water coming out of the bowels of the earth can reach 3 metres in height. The beauty is on offer is heat form Palimanan breaks out and empties into the stream for which the River Green and blue putih.sungguh and beautiful, here you can play in the hot water, also several skin diseases can be treated and the availability of a small pond.
In fact the punishment of these attractions received less attention from the Government, when the heat Banyu has a significant tourism potential which is handled well and reasonably priced for the cost of entry only  Rp 1000,-. Due to the heat of the incoming cement Palimanan Banyu factory area, which is why not many people know. May, wrote to the Government and policies for the cement with the good government, although its beauty cannot compete with the white crater ciwidey.

Port Beach Kejawanan any vacation is always a tour of attack Thousands outside Cirebon and Cirebon own society thronged the beach in Port Kejawanan Cirebon.Pantai kejawanan - Cirebon, West Java.
The tourist who generally want to spend time with a holiday family with a visit to the port of Cirebon Kejawanan, while you enjoy an afternoon on the beach and swim in the same beach Kejawanan.
In addition, the beach is used as a place of treatment of Kejawanan diseases. Kejawanan beach water, treatment of diseases such as rheumatism, gout, diabetes, stroke, bronchitis, skin diseases and coughing, which by soaking in water or rinse mouth.

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Bogor West-Java

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Situ Gede area is an area that still shades the countryside. Lake water that stretches the width set in shady woods are equipped with water attractions. Located in Situ Gede village district. West Bogor near the Tropical Forest Research Institute.

Situ big tourist sites are located approximately 10 miles from the center of the city of Bogor, or about 3 miles north of Terminal Bubulak. Situ Gede really close together, or are in a system with several others nearby situ. Namely Situ leutik (now disappeared), Situ length, and Situ Bird. The latter is located in the Village Cikarawang, Dramaga district, Bogor regency.

Cilember tourism
Cilember tourism area of the cascade of 7 hectares located in the Villa district Jogjogan Cisarua Bogor district, under the direction of stand Cipayung BKPH Bogor.KPH Bogor. Ecotourism is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, the configuration of the field is generally hilly and mountainous. This region has a 4000 mm precipitation / year, with temperatures from 18 until 230 C.

Ecotourism consists of 2 ha of plantation forests (Agathis, Rasamala and Pinus), potential visual landscape to the location is quite interesting with the natural scenery of the mountains & estates, while the landscape / visual potential landscape in the region that has characteristics typical forest plant stands and panoramic town of Bogor.
Ecotourism is used for camping tourism. For camping activities are available two camp complex.
Cilember waterfall has seven waterfalls, with the highest cascade 30 meters. But the waterfall (the waterfall) the most visited is the fourth waterfall. The fourth waterfall is believed to be efficacious as a medicine ageless, speed can mate and can cure the disease.
Just above the waterfall location 7 artifacts of a shrine that every day is often visited by people, for the pilgrim, and seek blessings. According to the history of this tomb named Jaya Sakti grandmother's grave that still has the lineage of King Siliwangi Pajajaran kingdom.
Based on the description of Mr. Mahdi is believed to be the caretaker grandmother Jaya Sakti also still have blood relations with Tubagus Kiaralawang Arifin in Bogor (Bogor Botanical Gardens). Usually pilgrims reached its peak in every month of Rabi-start.
It is said that Cilember waterfall is also home to bathe the daughters of heaven. Even among the population bebnerapa Enus (70 th) the first person who lived around the waterfall Cilember, have seen about 7 beautiful princess who was in the shower and waterfall bercengkraman in the fourth.
Facilities already available in the form of ecotourism is the gatehouse, lodge work, ticket booth, walkways, parking lots, bathrooms, shelter (viewing post), seating, bins and information space.
Ecotourism can be reached from Bogor 10 miles. The condition is generally good road (paved), can be passed by four-wheel vehicles. Existing means of public transport are taxis from the road transport department Bogor - Puncak.

Bogor Botanical Garden
botanical gardens of Bogor's or a large Botanical Garden, located in Bogor, Indonesia. At least 87 hectares and has 15 000 species of trees and plant collections. Currently Bogor's Botanical Garden visited as a tourist, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Near Bogor's Botanical Gardens scattered centres of science, which Bogoriense Herbarium, the Bogor Zoological Museum, and links. Bogor Botanical Garden was originally part of the "samida ' (artificial artificial forest or Park), that at least existed during the reign of Maharaji Sri Baduga (Prabu Siliwangi, 1474-1513), Kingdom of Sunda, as indicated in the caption Batutulis.
Bogor Botanical Gardens are scattered around the centers of scholarship that Bogoriense Herbarium, Bogor Zoology Museum, and REFERENCES.
Bogor botanical garden as one of the finest botanical gardens in the world in the field of tropical plant conservation and scientific research, environmental education and tourism.

Taman Safari Indonesia is a family friendly tourist-oriented environment and wildlife habitats in the wild.
Taman Indonesia Safari which was built in 1980 in a plantation of tea which has been unproductive. The Park is a buffer Pangrango Gunung Gede National Park. The Park is located at an altitude of 900-1800 m above sea level and has an average temperature of 16-24 degrees Celsius.
This park has been designated as National Tourism by Soesilo Soedarman, Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications of time. In addition, this park also has inaugurated the Center for Breeding Endangered Animals in Indonesia by Hasyrul Harahap, Minister of Forestry at the time, on March 16, 1990.
Safari Park has a collection of animals of almost all over the world and also the local fauna, like Komodo, Bison, black bear honey, white tiger, elephant, Anoa'i and so on.

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Bandung West-Java

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White crater
This place is located in the region Ciwidey, Bandung in West Java. The view here is quite beautiful, it's cold and sajuk. On the mountain, there is a stretch of white sand, and there is a green lake in the middle, a view that is quite a contrast and good. Even where it is often used as a bride and groom taking pictures for pre-wedding.
A very beautiful place was reportedly discovered by a Dutchman named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuh. He does not believe the stories of locals who say the area is haunted Patuha, because the place to live by the jinn and spirits. So there is no animal that even a passing bird flying across it can die. It found the existence of the lake, in which there are bursts of sulfur, so the animals do not like the smell.

Patengan situ
Patengan situ, derived from the Sundanese, "Pateangan-teangan" which means to find each other. Narrated in the days there are a pair of lovebirds dadulu namely Ki Santang and Goddess Rengganis who love each other. They parted for so long, and each search. Finally they met at a place called Stone Love. Goddess Rengganis also asked for the lake and a boat to sail together. The boat is what until then had been a heart-shaped island (island Asmara / island Sasaka).

Stone Love Island AsmaraKonon reportedly, if there is a pair of lovers who surround the island of Asmara and dropped into the stone of Love, then it will get eternal love as the couple in the story. There are also told that the island is haunted Asmara, and should only be visited by a visitor if it be authorized and accompanied by the gatekeeper.

Bosscha Observatory
Bosscha Observatory is one of the observation that the oldest stars in Indonesia. Bosscha Observatory is located in Lembang, West Java, about 15 km in the northern part of Bandung city with geographic coordinates 107 ° 36 'east longitude and 6 ° 49' south latitude. This place stands on the land area of ​​6 hectares, and located at an altitude of 1310 meters above sea level or at an altitude of 630 m from the plateau of Bandung. Code of the International Astronomical Union observatory to observatory Bosscha is 299.
Bosscha Observatory (formerly called Bosscha Sterrenwacht) built by the Nederlandsch-Indische Vereeniging Sterrenkundige (NISV) or the Association of Star-Dutch East Indies. At the first meeting NISV, it was decided to build an observatory in Indonesia for the sake of advancing the science of Astronomy in the Dutch East Indies. And in that meeting, Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha, a landlord at the Malabar tea plantation, willing to be the major funders and promised to provide assistance purchasing telescopes. In recognition of his services K.A.R. Bosscha in the construction of the observatory, hence the name Bosscha immortalized as the name of the observatory.
Construction of the observatory is to spend less than 5 years since 1923 until 1928.
The first international publication Bosscha Observatory conducted in 1933. But then the observation was to be discontinued because of World War II. After the war, carried out extensive renovations to the observatory is due to the ravages of war until the end of the observatory can operate normally again.
Then on October 17, 1951, this observatory NISV handed to the government of Indonesia. After the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) was established in 1959, Bosscha Observatory became part of the ITB. And since then, Bosscha functioned as a research institution and Astronomy formal education in Indonesia.

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Island Destination

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Island Destination thousand islands
The farther island destinations of Jakarta Bay, the beach is also clean and the surrounding sea. Here is a list of islands that have developed into island resorts:
Island Paradise
The island is also called the Island Paradise Island Cipir or Kuipir. This island is one of the island of Java in the Village Fortunately, that has been laid out for tourist purposes. In this island there is a historical relic, a fortress built by the Dutch East India Company at the time. Here there is a source of fresh water clear and clean. Travel to Paradise Island can be reached by motor boat that had been prepared to navigate a route Coastal Marina, Ancol, Island Paradise, leave and go home.

Island Pabelokan
Pabelokan Island is the only one in the Thousand Islands that all the time busy with business activities. Here there are office buildings, dormitories, docks, electric power stations, water purification and the helicopter pad (helipad). The island is by Pertamina made a kind of base camp, or offshore oil bases are equipped with various facilities. In 1970, discovered oil resources in the offshore island. Now, anjungannya been prepared to supply oil to the tanker with a computerized system. This Pabelokan tebuat Island reef with an area of ​​the cluster of about 27 hectares.

Angel Island
 The main article for this section is: Angel Island, Jakarta
Cottage-style floating ethnic Manado is the hallmark of a nearby resort island from Marina Ancol (20 minutes by speedboat). In this island there are ruins of Dutch fort called the Martello Tower. The island is also called the Island Hospital.
Located adjacent to Paradise Island. It was only a few square kilometers and surrounded by foot it takes only half an hour. On this island there are relics of Portuguese, which is a fortress made in the 17th century. This island, the Dutch era, used as a quarantine island. To get to this island only takes about 30-45 minutes by motor boat which regularly sailed the route to the Marina beach and from Angel Island. In front of this island there is the island of Onrust.

Onrust Island
 The main article for this section are: Onrust Island
Onrust island called Ship Island. Onrust in Dutch means not peaceful, or violent. This is because in his time the island has always looked busy night and day there are workers who move. So that some area residents such as Pulau Besar and Pulau Ubi Untung Java Island called Busy. The extent of only 12 ha but keep the story a long history.
Onrust island has been famous since 1618, when Holland made it as an important base. According to the captain of the ship Endeavour, Captain James T. Cook stopped at Onrust in 1770, on the island there are sawmills and the Dutch fortress. British troops had invaded the island on November 8 1800 and burn down all buildings.
1803, the Dutch managed to rebuild everything in ravaged havoc on England. In 1810, British troops returned to attack the island and destroy all the buildings the Netherlands. But the Dutch rebuilt it even more complete with a port made of concrete.
The island is then increasingly important as a busy port. Its role as a port began to recede when the Port of Tanjung Priok in 1883 to replace its function. Then, in 1911, the island of Onrust switch functions as a prison and post quarantine leprosy. When war broke out between Germany and the Netherlands in 1939, the Dutch used the island as a place of exile prisoners. Now, Onrust Island, as well Cipir Island, Angel Island, Island and Island Edam Kelor, by the Government of Indonesia used as the Thousand Islands Archeological Park Asylum.

Island Edam
Edam Island or Pulau Damar Besar, by the Jakarta also known as Monkey Island. Located not far from the Tanjung Priok. On this island stands erect a lighthouse called Vast Licht, as high as 65 meters. Lighthouse, according to historical records, was built in 1879 by permission of King Willem II ZM.

Island Kelor
Kelor island formerly known as the island is located adjacent to Kherkof Onrust Island and Angel Island. The distance to the beach Ancol about 1.8 kilometers or one hour cruise by motor boat. In this island there is Dutch heritage in the form of shipbuilding and VOC forts built to face the Portuguese attack in the 17th century. Here there are also grave Seven or Sevent Provincien Ship and crew are Indonesian nation to rebel and eventually fall in Dutch hands.

Hair Island
Hair island is also known by the name of the Kingdom of Bird Island. The extent of 45 hectares. The island is covered with lush mangrove forests and coral reefs are very beautiful. The Dutch called the island by the name Nidelberg. In ordinary circumstances, estimated at 20,000 birds living on this island. In March and September, that number increased to up to 50,000 birds. The birds were thought to come from Australia.
Bird Island by the Government is determined as a bird sanctuary, while nearby Bokor Island identified as marine sanctuaries. Bird Island is located in west Jakarta.

Pulau Ayer
Pulau Ayer dubbed as the Pearl Islands. The breadth of less than ten acres, adjacent to Marina Beach, Ancol and can be reached within 30 minutes by motor boat. The island is welcoming visitors since 1950. Even during his lifetime, former President Sukarno made Pulau Ayer as a resting place. Former President Sukarno had also invited former President Tito of Yugoslavia and the former UN Secretary General, U Nu, visited this island. Cottage floating on the water with ethnic style resort island of Papua is the pride of the distance is only 14 km (30 minutes) from Marina Ancol. On the island cottages are also available which is located on the coast, fishing facilities at night, jet skiing and banana boat. This island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands that have a source of fresh water.

Island Princess
Island Princess is located north of the Thousand Islands. Because of the distance from Jakarta, more practical people achieve it by using the aircraft. From Kemayoran, made a flight to Long Island near the Island Princess. From Long Island, proceed by boat to the Island Princess. Location of the Island Princess isolated and aloof from the other islands. Beautiful white sandy beaches.
Island Princess contained ornamental fish aquarium, underwater aquarium, tennis courts, and lizards in the mini zoo. The location of this island is far enough from Jakarta to make the sea around the island is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Island in the Sun
The island is closed for renovation / Closed for Renovation (from P. Sun has a two-story cottages with luxurious rooms, facilities and water sports and fishing. P. Sun has a helipad for the resort guests who arrived by helicopter.

Sepa Island
Sepa Island has white sand beaches, clear sea water, and a sloping beach. This island is a training ground for beginner divers to dive to get an open water certificate. The island is located about one and half hours from Marina Ancol is famous as an ideal place for swimming, diving, snorkeling, or fishing. In this island and water sports facilities are available rental diving equipment.
Sepa Island is a breeding center Hawksbill (Eretnochelys imbricata), which resembles a bird's beak shape mouth. P. Sepa has no source of fresh water and available water in the bathroom cottage is brackish water.

Pantara Island West and East Pantara
Both islands are famous as the place ideal for diving and snorkeling. The island is located about 2 hours from Marina Ancol was formerly known as Ghost Island. Pantara island development ever undertaken by a Japanese airline company.
Cottage with a wall-shaped large glass windows providing views to the outside of the cottage is not blocked. In this island are swimming pools, and water sports facilities like jet skiing, windsurfing and banana boat.

Big Island Bira (Bira Island)
Bira Island has a 9 hole golf course, swimming pool, bikes to get around the island, children's playground and fishing spots. The island is 100 km away from Marina Ancol.

Kotok Island
Kotok Island is an example of a tropical atoll island with pristine vegetation, crystal clear sea and coral formations, colorful stones to become the main destination for divers. The island is also as a place to bird conservation Scaly-breasted Falcon is the mascot of the province of DKI Jakarta.

Rainbow Island
Rainbow Island including one group with the Island Princess, Island Petondan, Sepa Island and Island Melinjo. The distance the island from Marina Beach, Ancol, about 108 kilometers. In this island cottage is available also several restaurants located on land or afloat. Rainbow Island is a favorite spot of tourists from Japan. The newlyweds from Japan usually choose this island as a place of their honeymoon. In fact, Japanese airlines - Japan Airlines (JAL), set their own vacation package to the island of this rainbow. But this time the existing resort is not operating.

Pulau Papa Theo
Island or Pulau Papa Theo East Pebondan located in the same cluster with Kelor Island and Coconut Island. The breadth of eight hectares, and its distance from Marina Beach, Ancol about 108 kilometers. Papa Theo name given to this island by dialing (call sign) radio between residents.

Island Boys
He is a tourist resort island of the sea, which opened in 1988 and was soon crowded. Nearby lies the island of Pulau Laki Laki large and small. Area of ​​about 30 hectares of the island of Male. To get to the island Male, is more practical if the motor boat ride from the beach Mauk, Sepatan, Tangerang. When the speed boat, from Mauk takes about 25 minutes. On the island of Male and Female Small Large campsites are available.

Island Pamagaran
Area of ​​the island is about 16 hectares with a ring of coral reefs. Which widened as far as one kilometer into the sea surrounding the island. 1.7 kilometers in length. The widest and narrowest approximately 300 meters 40 meters. At the narrowest part of the hexagon building was established as a lodging facility. The forest is quite dense, dominated lamtoro gung and angsana. In this island ever released thousands of birds turtledove, cuckoo, bulam and starlings. There is also a marine research station and telecommunication facilities to Jakarta. The distance the island from Marina Beach, Ancol, about 38 kilometers.

Sabira Island
Sabira by the Dutch island called Noord Wachter, which means a guard north. The name was given notice that Sabira Island is the northernmost island located between the other islands in the Thousand Islands. The distance from the coast 126 kilometers north of Jakarta. The extent of ten hectares. Around the island there is a white rock. Most existing plants on the island are coconuts and breadfruit. There is a 60-meter-high lighthouse on the island. The lighthouse was built on the orders of King ZM Willem III in 1869. At the door of the lighthouse there is an inscription that reads Onder de regering van ZM Koning Willem III der Enz Nederlander. opgericht draailicht voor 1869.

Saktu Island and Island Penike
Located 81 kilometers from Ancol Beach. To reach it by boat from Tanjung Priok port, it takes three hours. Saktu island has stunning views, surrounded by white sandy beaches with palm trees and lagoons typical of the tropics. In this island there is a lighthouse built by an expert from Indonesia in 1981. The lighthouse was constructed of iron with a high of 60 meters.

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Jakarta tourism

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Ragunan Zoo is a zoo located in the area Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Indonesia. Ragunan zoo was founded in 1864. In which, there are various collections consisting of 295 species and 4040 specimens. Ragunan zoo has a land area of ​​140 hectares. This Ragunan zoo was closed for about three weeks because the animals in which there is infected with bird flu, namely on 19 September 2005 but reopened on October 11, 2005.
Ragunan Zoo is a zoo in Indonesia's first with En Dierentuin Planten name meaning "Plants and the Zoo." Located on a land area of ​​10 hectares in area Cikini, Central Jakarta is the granting of a famous Indonesian painter Raden Saleh. At that time, Planten En Dierentuin managed by the Association of Flora and Fauna Batavia Merciful incorporated in Culturule Vereniging en Planten Dierentuin at Batavia.
In 1949, the name was changed to Planten En Dierentuin Cikini Zoo and in 1969 moved to the area Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta in 1964. DKI Jakarta government donated the land area of ​​30 hectares that is home to the zoo. Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin Ragunan Wildlife Park inaugurated on June 22, 1966.

Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands is an archipelago located in the north of Jakarta, just dealing with the Bay of Jakarta. His name does not mean the Thousand Islands, the islands in the cluster kepualaun it amounted to a thousand. The number of the island is only about 342 islands, including the islands of sand and coral reefs are vegetated or not. Sand and coral reef island itself amounted to 158. Not all islands are included in clusters of human inhabited the Thousand Islands. Like many other islands in Indonesia, most of the islands in the Thousand Islands are uninhabited. Group of the Thousand Islands has the potential are not small for the development of various industries, including mining, fisheries and tourism is the most important.

Environmental sustainability
To preserve the environment and ecological balance, the Government of the archipelago was divided into three zones:
  1. The first zone, intended for the exploitation of natural resources. Wealth in it can be retrieved and utilized entirely for the benefit of the industry. Example is the coral reefs die is exploited for the benefit of terrazzo tiles or other industries. 
  2. The second zone, the islands are exclusively reserved for national parks or nature tourism destination.
  3. The third zone, defined as a protected natural reserve areas.
Thousand Islands Marine National Park set to become the Minister of Forestry Number 162/Kpts-II/1995 and no. 6310/Kpts-II/2002 managed by Hall of the Thousand Islands Marine National Park, Department of Forestry. The total area of ​​107,489 hectares with about 44 islands belonging to the national park. The islands are located in the Thousand Islands National Park is an ideal place for snorkeling, swimming, or diving.
Thousand Islands has designated the island as the island nature reserves such as P. Hair and P. Onrust designated as cultural heritage of the island.
Travellers from the tourist dock transportation Marina Ancol, Jakarta is served by a speedboat owned by or in cooperation with the owner of the resort island. Travel time from Marina Ancol jetty to the islands that became a tourist destination depends on the distance, weather conditions, and speed boats are used.
Departure boat from Marina Ancol resort islands are generally in the morning at 08.00 or at 09:00 and returning from the islands towards the Marina Ancol resort at 13:30 or 14:00 hours, depending on the resort island destination.
Public transportation is also available from the Marina Ancol by ferry operated by the Government of the Thousand Islands District Administration named Transjakarta Dolphin and Grouper. With Transjakarta dolphins taken with a time of 3 to 3.5 hours while the Kerapau only 1.5 hours. However, not grouper at all times operate. But unfortunately today Transjakarta Dolphin and Grouper no longer in operation.

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