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Adityawarman Museum
Adityawarman Museum is one museum in West Sumatra is located in the city of Padang, exactly at the Jalan Diponegoro No. 10, West Padang district. The museum was inaugurated on March 16, 1977 by the Education Minister, Prof. Dr. Sharif Thayeb. The museum is under the authority of the provincial government of West Sumatra.
This museum specializes in the history and culture of Minangkabau ethnic, tribal Mentawai and Nias tribe. The museum has a collection of 6000, with the architectural style of traditional Minangkabau house-shaped building (Tower House), Gajah Maharam models, as well as on the front page of the museum there are two barns.
This museum using the name of a king who had ruled that Malayapura Adityawarman to reign between 1347-1375.

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