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Ngurtafur Beach
The beach Ngurtafur is located on the island Warbal, Southeast Maluku District. This beach has a uniqueness that is different from the coast in general. In general, the beach lies lengthwise on the edge of the island, but the beach this Ngurtafur Warbal extends from the edge of the island towards the sea along the 2 mile with a width of approximately 7 meters. So that when standing on this beach as there are two beaches from the right and left.
Uniqueness Ngurtafur The beach feels complete with panoramic views and incredible natural. Lining the white sand beach combines with sea water is so clear and the waves are pretty calm. A breeze feels cool to the accompaniment of a remedy, the waves roll heart. So was the beauty and majesty of God's creation on the beach Ngurtafur.
Ngurtafur The beach has a unique and stunning beauty. Exotic beauty of this beach is also proving the beauty and majesty of the Creator. In addition, the beauty of The beach Ngurtafur also a state gift for Indonesia to be maintained the beauty and preservation.
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